The Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte takes its name from Elizabeth College, a small Lutheran women’s college founded in 1897 on the present-day site of Presbyterian Hospital. One of Charlotte’s first streetcar suburbs, Elizabeth began to develop rapidly after 1902, when a trolley line was completed. During the first two decades of the twentieth century, the tree-shaded main boulevards of Elizabeth were among the city's most fashionable suburban addresses.

Today, the mature trees dotting the neighborhood form a canopy over most of Elizabeth's residential streets. One of the most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods in Charlotte, businesses and homes are all in close proximity, connected by wide sidewalks. Elizabeth’s major avenues include Elizabeth Avenue and 7th Street, and along 7th Street there are numerous old houses that have been converted into shops, offices, and restaurants. Elizabeth contains Presbyterian Hospital, Mercy Hospital, and borders with Independence Park and American Legion Memorial Stadium.

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