Here’s the secret. This is about you.

Many real estate agents want to make the transaction about them and their unique skills, but in a fast-paced and changing world it is time to turn the process on its head. True, you should choose a real estate agent that can manage both the relationship side of the business and the technology side of the business, but don’t let your real estate agent put you into their box. Today, buyers and sellers are more equipped with information, data, and knowledge than ever before. In the modern world, a real estate transaction is a team effort matching the skills of the real estate professional with the experience and preferences of each buyer and seller.

We start with expectations. Every client is different. Every transaction is unique.

Is this your first home or are you selling an empty nest? Do you prefer to electronically sign documents on your smartphone or with pen and ink at your kitchen counter? Do you prefer as little interaction as possible or a true concierge experience? Phone conversations or text? Will your home be a place you have dreamed of creating life-long memories or is it an asset in your portfolio?

Reimagining real estate means we question everything and assume nothing. Here’s the secret. This is about you.

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"Known for his cutting-edge marketing strategies, strong negotiation skills, and astute evaluation of market conditions, Joshua Drown is focused on providing the best real estate services possible to each client."

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