Plaza Midwood was established in 1910 as a streetcar suburb of Charlotte, and today it is locally known as one of Charlotte's most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods. The neighborhood has seen a dramatic reinvestment and transformation, as it’s streets are now filled with art galleries, unique stores, and restaurants interspersed with renovated urban dwellings. Continued redevelopment in the area has spilled over into other neighborhoods surrounding Plaza Midwood, and has contributed to a renaissance of the inner-ring suburbs of old Charlotte.

Plaza Midwood's Historic District is located in the western section of the neighborhood and is maintained by residents and local businesses. The area along The Plaza, Thomas Avenue and parts of Pecan and Clement were designated as a Local Historic District in 1992. The district is now regulated by the Historic District Commission. Just south of Central Avenue in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood is the 19 acre Veterans Park.

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